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Kunst Buch Werke

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Artist books of the 70s and 80s from the Archive Artist Publications

Since 1980, Hubert Kretschmer has been collecting, archiving and documenting artist publications in his Archive Artist Publications: magazines, leaflets, artist books, zines, multiples, posters and much more. This Independent Archive Project was founded by the publisher, artist and art educator Hubert Kretschmer in Munich.

The book started from the three-part exhibition on artists' books at Produzentengalerie Adelgundenstraße(Munich) in 1979, which was also a starting point of the Verlag Hubert Kretschmer.

Kunst Buch Werke 
Hubert Kretschmer (Ed.) 

Verlag Hubert Kretschmer, 2015

ISBN 9783923205899

148 x 105 mm, 60pp: German